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Feed your dreams.

Big idea Food is the devotional your entrepreneurial soul has been waiting for.

“Marlena’s tell it like it is, no holds barred is just the motivational nudge (kick in the rear) that I needed.”

- Black & Brilliant Entrepreneur Magazine



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Hey Lovely-

I’m not a business expert, pastor or spiritual guru. I’m just someone who knows how HARD entrepreneurship is and how easy it is for our souls to get worn down in the hustle.

When I realized there wasn’t really a devotional out there for millennial entrepreneurs that spoke in our voice without a bunch of fluff and cliche’s, Big Idea Food was born.

I’ve been side hustling for years and have received word after word from God when I needed it to get me over humps and push me in the right direction. My dream in writing this book was for you to read it and hear God speaking to you just like He spoke to me -- straight, no chaser and more like your business bestie than the “big guy” upstairs.

Whether you’re side hustling too, full-time or just getting started, just like me, I know your spirit needs that faith boost to keep you going. This book will prove to you that God’s word is not only applicable to your life and relationships, but can also be a game-changer when applied to your business.

Bon Appetit!

- BIG love, Marlena


REVIEWS that gave me all the feels


“I take Marlena Banks’ devotional with me everywhere I go. Reading her devotional has helped me commit time to God on a daily basis. I am so thankful God chose her as a vessel!”

Jasmine Utterback, founder of Creative Women Build


“All of the confirmation. Always right on time.”

Whitney McNulty, NY author, editor, dancer & speaker


“This book is wonderful!! It’s very relatable, well written and has a beautiful book design. Most of all it really spoke to me spiritually!”

Tanisha Pinex, founder of Prolific Visuals brand agency


“Thank you for these small reminders of how BIG God is.”

Mecca Gamble, Atlanta photographer


“Congratulations Marlena Banks on this beautiful devotional for Christian entrepreneurs. What a relevant and impactful work! Many will surely be blessed by your efforts. I have read and re-read chapters to assist me on my entrepreneurial journey. What a gem you’ve written with God’s guidance.”

Denise Sarkor, founder of New Roots Press


“Thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord and writing your book! It has been a blessing to me and you are speaking my language!”

Angela Christine, NY actress & model


God has a niche with my name on it. 

The first time God revealed my target customer to me in real life was super magical for me. That’s when I realized God had set aside specific people just for me that my business is uniquely gifted to serve.

“Not your typical devotion...nothing too deep, but simple life testimonies to help you get through.”

- Latoya Matthews, founder L&R Image Group


Dope, biblical buisness insights in a voice you can relate to. 

Your business has a new bestie that is always serving:

  • Encouragement to believe what you’re building matters to God

  • Strength to move past paralyzing mental blocks and execute your ideas faster

  • Tangible ways to connect with God as you go after your dreams

  • Confirmation about the path in business you’ve been called to take