Dear Black Man

My brother, my love, my friend.

Dear black man, no words can adequately give voice to the silence that is your pain. Your eyes tell the story of a thousand daily disrespects. The sighs you breathe speak of a heart's ache. Not for acceptance or even respect but simply human decency; mere value.

Dear black man, though the strength you possess strikes fear in ignorant minds, still I find you standing strong. When the moments of your life that should be carefree are instead tainted by the bitter, daily threat of death by injustice, still I see you, somehow managing the audacity to live. Free.

Dear black man, if the world could see you through my eyes they'd see the gift you are to me, to your sons and daughters, nephews, wives, mothers. They'd see the reality of a plate already full. Enough.

They'd see you have so much to live for.

Dear black man, if no one has told you today how precious you are, how cherished your life is and how valuable; listen to the voice of a heart that bleeds with you. You are important. And yes, your life matters.

FunMARLENA BANKSwriting, copy